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Chapter 1Edit

A young she-cat blinked open beautiful green eyes and looked around the nursery. She looked at her mother then at her brother and the cats looking at her and her brother. One of them sniffed her and then looked at her mother and said, "They're fine, they are healthy."

Her mother sighed in relief and said, "Thank you for letting me know Cindertail."

Cindertail looked at her mother and nodded. "Your welcome Mousetail," she had said then walked away.

Rainkit looked at her mother and let out a squeal as her tail was pounced on.

A moon later....

Rainkit looked at Moonkit, the new kit, and smiled. He looked back at her and returned the smile. The two then started playing around and Moonkit had her pinned. She kicked him off and then pinned him down quickly.

"Ok! Ok! I give in!" Moonkit said to Rainkit. She let him up but did not let her guard down one bit. He lunged at her but she turned around and pawed him out of the air.

"Nice try Moonkit, but you need to be a bit more quieter if you want to sneak up on me," she said, giggling. Moonkit huffed and walked over to the edge of camp.

"Mom! I'm going for a walk outside of camp!" he yowled to his mother who was coming out of the nursery.

"No!" Agateheart said angrily, running over to him and talking him away. Rainkit giggled at how protective Agateheart was then walked over to her mother who was talking with the deputy, Quailtalon. She sat down right next to her with her tail around her paws.

Hawkkit padded over and attacked Rainkit for the fun of it.

"Hey hey hey!" shouted their mother. They looked at her. "Go play somewhere else!" she said a bit snappingly. Rainkit stayed where she was because she wanted to be with her mother. Hawkkit walked away from his sister, his tail going back to forth angrily. Mousetail sighed and went back to talking to Quailtalon.

Rainkit decided that she wanted to go mess around somewhere else so she left and went frolicking around the camp.

Chapter 2Edit

Featherkit paced back and forth, thinking. She looked at her father and faked a smile so he would finally play with her for once in awhile. But sadly, he nodded and walked away, leaving Featherkit in the soft grass of their territory. She pouted and walked over to her mother, seeing if she would play with her, but sadly, her mother was out on patrol. It was soooo boring being the only kit in the nursery and the only kit in a litter! Then she heard a rustle and looked around to see a bunny rabbit. She sighed, she knew that she couldn't play with it. Though slowly, she crept up on the creature, she got closer and closer and closer and then.... BANG! Something had scared off the rabbit and she turned to see that someone had broken into camp and tried to get the clans attention. She hissed and lunged at the cat, only to be swatted out of the air and land on her side.

Featherkit tried to get up but hurt to badly. The last thing she saw was the cat lunging at her mother. Then, everything went black.

Chapter 3Edit

Boarkit walked out of the nursery and huffed. It was boring because his mother was asleep and the only apprentice in the clan was out training. He looked around and made sure no one was looking before he quietly snuck out of camp. He walked over to one of the borders that his mother had told him about and sat down. He wanted to get caught to prove that whenever you leave a kit at camp that the kit will wander away. He heard a rustle and turned around to see Blackstar. Oh great, the last person i wanted to find me finds me! he thought angrily to himself.

"What are you doing out of camp Boarkit?!" Blackstar asked angrily.

"Exploring, you know, sense i was left alone at camp!" Boarkit hissed and then stomped away, leaving Blackstar where he was.

Boarkit kinda got lost because after 3 minutes, he had still not found the camp. He looked around quickly and sprinted off in a random direction. Well, he soon discovered Blackstar had followed him because Blackstar had grabbed his scruff and had taken him back to camp.

Once back in camp, Boarkit walked over to his mother who had just woke up and sat down, pouting.

"Boarkit," Dansyheart said to him, "you can't leave camp whenever you want without being escorted out."

"Pfft! Like i even care!" he said irratiably.

"Ok, that's it," she said hissingly. She lowered her head next to his ear and hissed, "You better behave or you will be the first kit to ever die because of stubborness!"

Boarkit sighed and walked back into the nursery. He curled up in a tight ball and ignored his mother for the rest of the day and night.

Chapter 4Edit

Berrykit looked at Silverheart with envy in her eyes. She wished she could be medicine cat apprentice, but sadly, she was only a kit. Maybe Silverheart could make her her appprentice when Silverheart was a medicine cat! Berrykit smiled and looked at her mother. "Mommy!" she complained. "I wanna go outside and go see if i can help Silverheart!"

Her mother looked at her and sighed. "Fine," she said.

"Yay!" squealed Berrykit and she ran out of the nursery. She ran over to Silverheart. "Can I help you with anything?" she asked, her tail wagging eagerily.

Silverheart looked at Berrykit and said, "Can you fetch some more borage leaves for your mom? There in the medicine den next to the poppyseeds, don't eat ANYTHING!"

Berrykit nodded and raced off to the medicine cat den. She grabbed some boarge leaves in her mouth and ran back over to her mother and gave them to her. "There you go mommy! Silverheart told me to give you some more," she said before her mom could ask questions.

Berrykit ran back outside and ran over to Silverheart. "Do you need help with anything else?" she asked Silverheart, her silver eyes filled with plea.

Silverheart shock her head. "Sorry, but everything is fine right now," she said to the kit.

Berrykit pouted and walked over to the nursery. She curled up next to her mother, still a bit pouty like. She stayed there for awhile and got bored so went outside to explore.

Chapter 5Edit

Applepaw looked at her mentor and quickly tripped her mentor and then pinned her down. Her mentor kicked her off and tried to pin her down but Applepaw jumped on her mentor's back and sunk her claws into her back. Her mentor rolled over but Applepaw was faster and jumped out of the way. She turned to her mentor, fur fluffed up to make her look bigger and lunged at her.

Sandheart looked at Applepaw and said, "Ok, that's enough training for today."

"Poohey, and i was just having fun," Applepaw said sadly.

"We'll train more later!" snapped her mentor. The two walked back to camp, not saying a thing. Applepaw looked at her mentor sadly, wishing she would not be so snappy to her. Applepaw walked into the camp and settled down near the tree stump where she would eat. Sandheart went to tell Otterstar about how good of a training day they had had.

Chapter 6Edit

A kit was born to the tribe who's name was Frost that Clings to Rock. Frost blinked open perfect amber eyes and looked around the Kit-Mother den. It was big with only one queen in the den. Frost sighed and rested her chin on her paw. Then Stoneteller, the healer of the group, came in and looked at Frost. "Come out of Kit-Mother den," he said. Frost nodded and followed him outside.

Frost was suprised at how big their camp was. Stoneteller took her to meet the cats. She even got to meet a to-be named Moon! Things were great here at the camp, great and amazing. She wished that she could stay here forever in camp just meeting all the warriors! But sadly, she couldn't so she went back to the Kit-Mother den and curled up next to her mother. She soon drifted to sleep.

Chapter 7Edit

Rainkit was playing with Hawkkit and Moonkit, enjoying the sun on her blue-gray pelt. She had Moonkit and Hawkkit both pinned but Hawkkit had soon got her pinned. Moonkit then lunged at Hawkkit and bowled him over. Rainkit giggled. She jumped back into the fight when she heard the leader's yowl coming from highrock.

"Let all those cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath highrock for a clan meeting!" SilverClan cats soon poored in around highrock, looking up at Dappledstar. "Now, we all know that 6 moons ago, Hawkkit and Rainkit were born to the clan. It is time that they be made apprentices!"

Rainkit brightened up.

"Rainkit and Hawkkit, step forward please."

Rainkit and Hawkkit stepped forward, looking up at their leader.

Dappledstar jumped down and faced the kits. "Rainkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on until you get your warrior name, you will be known as Rainpaw. Your mentor will be Snowpelt. I hope Snowpelt will pass down all she has learned to you." Dappledstar and Rainpaw touched noses. "And Hawkkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprentice. From this day on until you get your warrior name, you will be known as Hawkpaw. Your mentor will be Quailtalon. I hope Quailtalon will pass down all he has learned to you." Dappledstar and Hawkpaw touched noses.

The clan started chanting their new names. "Rainpaw! Hawkpaw! Rainpaw! Hawkpaw!"

Rainpaw and Hawkpaw were glowing with pride. Rainpaw ran over to Snowpelt. "Snowpelt, Snowpelt!" she said eagerly.

"Yes?" Snowpelt asked.

"What will i be learning today?" she asked.

"Hunting, let's go!" The two padded out of camp.

Chapter 8Edit

Featherkit kept hearing murmurs all around her.

"Ashpelt! Her mother is gone and she won't have anyone to take care of her! She's just a kit!" said one cat with a sanppy tone.

"Relax, we will find someone to take care of her. For now, we let her rest and when she wakes up, we shall tell her," said one of the cats she assumed to be Ashpelt.

Several moons later when Featherkit is Featherpaw....

Featherpaw padded alone in the forest. She was supposed to be getting moss but decided not to and went wandering around. Soon, she got very hungry so she went on a hunt. She spotted a rabbit and slowly crept up on the creature without it noticing she was there. When she was close enough, she lunged at it but something was faster and caught it instead. She huffed. "Will you stop stealing the prey I am going to catch, Ginger?" she asked snappingly.

Ginger smiled and shook his head. "Nope, your just going to have to be faster if you want to beat me," he said mockingly.

Featherpaw purred and lunged at Ginger, knocking him down to the ground.

Ginger let out a startled meow and tried to kick Featherpaw off of him but couldn't

"Ha! Give up Ginger!" Featherpaw said, still purring happily.

Ginger smirked, kicked her off, and landed on top of her. "Nope."

"Ugh, you never give up on anything you big furball!" Featherpaw hissed playfully. She got out from underneath him and the two padded to their favorite spot in the territory.

It soon became sundown so Featherpaw left, collected a lot of moss quickly, and went back to camp. She had to get this stuff home before they sent a patrol out to find her.

Chapter 9Edit

Boarkit padded out of the nursery, his chest puffed out. He was finally going to be an apprentice!

Boarkit watched as Blackstar jumped on highrock and called for the clans attention. "Now, Boarkit, please come forward," he said once everyone was paying attention.

Boarkit lazily stepped forward and looked at Blackstar.

"Boarkit, you have reached the age of 6 moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. I call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this kit. He is ready to take on the tasks of the apprentice and learn your noble code. Boarkit, do you promise to learn the warrior code?" Blackstar asked.

"Yea, sure," Boarkit said.

"Then by the powers of StarClan (or should i say, the dark forest. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) I give you your apprentice name. Boarkit, from this day on until you get your warrior name, you will be known as Boarpaw.Bloodpelt will be your mentor."

WildClan then started chanting, "Boarpaw! Boarpaw! Boarpaw! Boarpaw!"

Boarpaw smiled deviously and then walked over to his mentor. "Sooo, what bad thing will i be learning today?" he asked.

"Anything you want," his new mentor meowed.

Chapter 10Edit

Stormheart had died, sadly, and Silverheart had taken her place. Berrykit was Berrypaw, a warrior apprentice until she became Berrypaw, the medicine cat apprentice. Berrypaw looked at the herb in front of her and narrowed her eyes. "Uhhhh...." she said.

"Come on," Silverheart urged her.

"Choas of the herbs," Berrypaw muttered. "Ummm, is that chervil?" she asked. Silverheart nodded. "Ok, and it does...." Berrypaw thought for awhile

"Come on, you should know these herbs!" Silverheart said angrily.

"It helps with infected wounds, well the juice does, and the roots you can chew on and it will help bellyaches."

"Good, now please give some of the roots to Cottonheart, his stomache has been hurting," Silverheart said a bit frustratedly.

Berrypaw grabbed some of the chervil and carried it to the warriors den. She walked back to the den and sighed, she would be snapped at again, she could tell.

Chapter 11Edit

Applepaw waited outside the apprentices den for her mentor to come and assisst her in her assessment of hunting and fighting, fighting would come first, hunting after that. Then she saw Sandheart and jumped to her feet. "Can we start my assessment now?" she asked.

"Just wait Applepaw, the time will come," Sandheart said calmly.

"Pooh, ok," Applepaw said glumly. She watched her mentor go to eat something then her eyes saw Otterstar. He nodded to Applepaw and flicked his tail, signaling for her to go over to him. She walked over to him and asked, "What is it Otterstar?"

"Applepaw, you may be having your warrior ceremony a bit earlier if you don't have your assessment earlier," he meowed comfidently.

Applepaw noddeed and walked over to Sandheart.

"Ok, taking you training now," Sandheart said. Applepaw followed her out of camp and then started the fighting assessment. She hit her mentor's head with her paw then jumped on her mentor's back, clinging on. Sandheart tried to roll over but Applepaw was fast and moved quickly. "Ok, stop fighting!" said Sandheart.

Applepaw looked at her mentor. "Did I pass?" she asked.

"Fighting yes, now let's work on your hunting."

Applepaw and Sandheart walked around. Then she told Applepaw to look for prey and then come back with her catch. Applepaw caught 3 water voles, 4 voles, 2 rabbits, 5 mice, 3 squirrels, and 1 pheasant. She returned and her mentor nodded and empressment. "You have passed."

Chapter 12Edit

Frost eagerly padded out of the Kit-Mother den. She was finally going to be a to-be! she thought eagerily waiting for Stoneteller to come and make her a to-be. Then she saw Stoneteller and he called for the tribe.


Frost was training to be a prey-hunter which was more her. She caught a mouse and then came back to camp, happily letting it show amoung the tribe. (boaster, want's attention, yep, that's Frost)

Chapter 13Edit

Rainpaw watched what Snowpelt was doing and copyed her. Snowpelt nodded and showed her the next move. Rainkit tried to copy it but fell trying to. "Come on! try harder if you want to be a warrior! Learn the skills!" Snowpelt hissed at Rainpaw.

Rainpaw sighed and tried again, this time getting it.

"Good, better." Snowpelt said.

Rainpaw then had to learn hunting. She caught a mouse and a rabbit with ease. She tried to get a pheasent but it was MUCH bigger then she was. She sighed but attacked it any way, somehow killing it. Snowpelt nodded and they went back to camp.

Chapter 14Edit

Featherpaw and Ginger were just sitting down in their spot, watching the sun set. It was so peaceful here with Ginger next to her and the sun shining in his eyes. There was a rustle so Featherpaw hid Ginger and herself and watched Orangefur, her father, walk by, looking for her. She sighed with relief when he left. They came out and Ginger left to see his twolegs and Featherpaw went back to camp.

Chapter 15Edit

Boarpaw looked at his mentor, anger in his eyes. "Shut up and let me learn, will ya?" he asked angrily.

Bloodpelt hissed and lashed out on his apprentice. "Sorry," he murmured after he saw how bad he had hurt Boarpaw.

Boarpaw narrowed his eyes and then started fighting his mentor. Bloodpelt finally gave in and Boarpaw let him up, but let his guard down. Bloodpelt attacked Boarpaw by Boarpaw's suprise. Boarpaw then lashed out at his mentor and gave him a scar from the tip of his ear to his shoulder. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry Bloodpelt!" Boarpaw said fastly.

"It's ok," Bloodpelt said, getting up and shaking his fur.

Chapter 16Edit

Applepaw looked up at Otterstar. "I do," she said to him.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Applepaw, from this day forth, you will be known as Applefang."

"Applefang! Applefang!" they cheered.

Applefang looked at Otterstar and felt like he had meant more to her. Wait, he's my leader, what am i thinking? she thought to herself. (well, changing to Otterstar's point of view here, only for now, hehe)

Otterstar looked at Applefang and smiled. She was beautiful, smart, and doesn't like me at all, he thought sadly. He walked to his den and curled up in his nest. (back to Applefang)

Applefang was shining brightly until she saw Otterstar looking down and followed him. "Otterstar, you okay?" she asked him.

Otterstar looked at her and his eyes started glowing. "I am now."

Applefang looked confused a bit but nodded. "Okay, well, umm, what was wrong?" she asked.

"Well, it's nothing, don't worry," he meowed.

Applefang nodded and padded away but was called back to Otterstar's den. She walked inside and looked at him. "Yes?" she asked.

"Would you.. ummm, like to spend the night in here?" he asked her.

"Sure," she meowed. Yes! He might actually like me! she thought happily.

"And umm.... you can bring your own nest or we can share one."

"I would love that last one," Applefang said quickly.

Otterstar purred and motioned her to his nest. Applefang nodded and layed down next to him. Otterstar was purring and so was Applefang. Applefang soon drifted to sleep. (oh, this a few nights BEFORE the gathering so she will notice that she will have kits :P)

Chapter 17Edit

Berrypaw padded in after Silverheart. It was huge! she thought to herself. There were other cats there. She saw Otterstar, leader of RedClan, talking to a redish brown she-cat. Then she saw Dappledstar, leader of SilverClan, chatting away with a blue-gray she-cat. Then Whitestar, leader of FeatherClan, was talking to a brown tabby she-cat. Blackstar, leader of WildClan, was talking to a dark brown tabby tom. And then Talonstar, her leader, was walking over to the highrock. He jumped up and so did the other leader's. Talonstar yowled for their attention and everyone looked at them.

Talonstar looked at Otterstar. "Would you like to go first?" he had asked.

Otterstar nodded and stepped forward. "We have a new warrior!" he announced. "Applepaw is now Applefang!"

The redish brown she-cat smiled as the clans started chanting, "Applefang! Applefang!"

Otterstar waited for the noise to go down. "She is also expecting kits."

The redish brown she-cat smiled brighter and looked at Otterstar, caring in her eyes. Berrypaw assumed that he was going to be their father. (oh sorry, saved before i actually finished)

Berrypaw glanced at Boarpaw and smiled. He looked at her and walked over. "Listen, you should go back to your mentor before you are missed," he meowed smirkingly and added, "beautiful."

Berrypaw looked at him but nodded and walked over to Silverheart.

Dappledstar stepped forward and looked at everyone. "Rainkit has became Rainpaw and Hawkkit has became Hawkpaw. Sadly, their other siblings, Brackenkit and Waterkit, ran away. Though Moonkit is also an apprentice by the name of Moonpaw."

Berrypaw saw them happy at first until they heard their siblings names and their eyes filled with sadness, even Moonpaw. She felt sorry for them. Dappledstar had walked away and Whitestar had taken her place. "All is well, Featherkit is Featherpaw, but we have been smelling rouge on our territory. We warn everyone to look out for any signs of the rouge. From what we know, the rouge is a tom."

A silver-gray she-cat had a flash of concern in her eyes. She ran over to Rainpaw and Hawkpaw so Berrypaw joined them. Then Boarpaw had came over and so did the redish brown she-cat Applefang. And also, Moonpaw tagged along.

"Featherpaw, what's wrong?" asked Rainpaw.

"The rouge is what's wrong, I-I-" she stuttered when she relized that Berrypaw was there. "Who are you?" she asked her.

"Berrypaw, I would want to know what's wrong, I won't tell anyone," she said to Featherpaw.

"Oh, well, the rouge, I've been meeting him in secret, his name is Ginger, and I don't want him to get hurt!" Featherpaw's eyes flashed with consern again.

"Don't worry, we will make sure he is safe," Hawkpaw assured her.

Then she noticed Whitestar step back and Blackstar take his place. "All is well, we have a new apprentice, Boarpaw!" he said.

"Boarpaw! Boarpaw!" chanted the clans.

Blackstar silenced them and continued. "We have been smelling different clan smells on our territory!"

Boarpaw looked like his leader was lying, so she assumed he was. "Your lying!" hissed Berrypaw. "The clans have been staying of WildClan territory because you all are awful cats! Why would we want your territory any way?" she asked, hissingly.

"Calm down," Boarpaw said to her.

"As if!" Blackstar hissed.

Talonstar stepped forward. "Enough Blackstar, it is my turn now. Berrypaw has became the medicine cat apprentice. Sadly, Stormheart has died."

The Clans bowed their heads in sadness.

Talonstar looked up. "Ok, the Gathering is now over, everyone can go back," he said. Everyone walked away. Berrypaw looked at Boarpaw for the final time and walked away with her clan, saying goodbye to everyone.

Chapter 18Edit

Frost that Clings to Rock looked at Stars that Speckle in Sky and felt envy because she was the healer's to-be. What am i thinking? This will only come back to haunt me! she thought then sighed. She went hunting. She caught 5 mice, 2 rabbits (wabbits for Elmer Fudd), 4 eagles, and a vulture. She came instead and ran into Voulture that Sits on Rock. He looked embarassed and ran away.

She blinked and then set her catch on the pile.

Chapter 19Edit

Rainpaw was finishing off her assement with hunting. She had caught a bunch of prey and then saw Snowpelt come over and nod at her catch. "Let's go, it's time for your warrior ceremony," she meowed.

Rainpaw brightened and they went back to camp. She set her prey down when Rowanpaw, Luckpaw, Petalpaw, and Hawkpaw ran over. "Rainpaw! Rainpaw!" they had said.

"Yes?" she asked. Luckpaw was beaming.

"I got my medicine cat name!" Luckpaw said happily.

"Really? What is it?" she asked.


"Oh cool! What about the rest of you?" she asked.

"We are becoming warriors with you!" Moonpaw said.

"Epic!" Rainpaw meowed.

Lionstar called for the clans attention. Dappledstar had died, some how, so did Quailtalon, Redsky, Agateheart, and Mousetail.

The apprentices croweded around. Lionstar glared at Rainpaw angrily and she knew why. He was mad cause she had refused to become his mate when she was a warrior and now he would get back at her for sure.

"Now, it is time for you all to be apprenticed. Do you promise to uphold the warrior code? (to lazy to but it all)"

They nodded and he continued. "Moonpaw will be Moonstorm. Rowanpaw will be Rowanheart (some what close to rowan's name). Petalpaw will be Petalseed. Hawkpaw will be Hawktalon. And Rainpaw," he said, glaring at her, "will be Rainface."

The clan looked confused about the name Rainface but chanted their names. "Moonstorm! Rowanheart! Petalseed! Hawktalon! Rainface!"

Rainface hissed at Lionstar and then sat her vigil for the night with the other warriors.

Chapter 20Edit

Whitestar looked at Featherpaw. "Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect your clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do," Featherpaw meowed.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your name. Featherpaw, from this day forth, you will be known as Featherspots. We honor your kindness and your loyalty. We welcome you as a full warrior of FeatherClan."

Featherspots swallowed hard when she heard loyalty and knew it wasen't true. Her clan chanted her new name. "Featherspots! Featherspots!"

Featherspots then remembered that she had promised to meet Ginger tonight! She would sneak away during her vigil and meet him. She sat, gaurding the camp, and when no one was asleep, she snook away. She found Ginger and greeting him kindly. She layed down next to him on the nest they had made and soon had drifted to sleep.

Featherspots woke up when Ginger had wooken her. She looked at the sun and gasped. It was nearly Sunhigh! She said her goodbye, raced away, went hunting so they didn't find out she snook away. She carried her catch back to camp. She was nearly ran over by Tabbypelt who smiled then looked at the clan. "She is back!" he meowed with a sigh.

"I went hunting a few minutes before my vigil would of been done," she meowed, showing the clan her catch. "I'm sorry that i wasen't back sooner but.." she thought for a moment, "I wanted to catch more but most of the prey was asleep so I stayed out a little longer."

Whitestar gave her a weird look but nodded. Featherspots put her catch on the pile and slowly walked into the warriors den. She curled up in her nest and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Chapter 21Edit

Boarpaw looked at Blackstar and nodded. "I do," he meowed smirkingly so they would not know that he was good like the other clans.

Blackstar nodded. "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Boarpaw, from this moment on, you will be known as Boarfur. StarClan honors your strength and fearlessness. And we welcome you as a full warrior of WildClan."

The clan started chanting his new name. "Boarfur! Boarfur!"

Boarfur's red eyes gleamed when he thought about Berrypaw and how she must be feeling right now. He shook his head roughly and thought, This is my time to shine, it's my warrior time, it's not loving time! He looked at his leader and touched his nose then sat infront of the camp entrance, bored out of his mind. It was the half-moon today and all the medicine cats would meet at the Moonpool. He glared at Darkfoot (Darkpaw in the allegiances) and felt envy because he would get to meet Berrypaw, or whatever her new name might be.

Gorseclaw and his apprentice, Darkfoot, left for the moonpool. He watched them go and sighed because maybe Berrypaw would fall for Darkfoot there which would ruin Boarfur. He then went back to his silent vigil over camp.

Chapter 22Edit

Berrypaw padded behind Silverheart, not saying a thing. They padded to the moonpool and settled down. She lapped at the water and felt a cold chill go through her.

She was looking at GalxyClan and they smiled at her. Then they looked at the water which soon reflected the stars. They motioned her to the water. She walked over and Star, their leader spoke to her. "What do you see in the water?" she asked.

She looked in and saw Boarpaw their, gaurding camp so she thought he had become a warrior already.

"Be honest," Comet warned. Comet and Star were sisters, no one could deny that.

Berrypaw nodded and tried to make the image change but it wouldn't. Astroid shook her head and said, "She is trying to change it, just be honest."

Berrypaw sighed and nodded. "It's Boarpaw, only now he's a warrior and he is guarding camp," she meowed.

Star nodded and looked at her. "You should wake up Berrypaw," she meowed.

Berrypaw nodded and woke up besides the Moonpool. All the other Medicine Cats were waking and Silverheart looked at her. "I have a ceremony to perform," she meowed calmly. Darkfoot, Gorseclaw, Ashpelt, a she-cat she didn't know, Cindertail, Luckshine, and Crookedfoot looked at her.

Silverheart nodded and continued. "I, Silverheart, medicine cat of RavenClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with your help, she will serve her clan for many moons."

Berrypaw listened closely so she would remember this for her apprentice.

Silverheart continued, "Berrypaw, do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?"

Berrypaw nodded. "I do," she meowed.

Silverheart nodded. "Then by the powers of GalaxyClan, I give you your true name as medicine cat. Berrypaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Berrypelt. GalaxyClan honors you knowledge and kindness, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of RavenClan."

The other cats started chanting her name. "Berrypelt! Berrypelt! Berrypelt!"

She beamed and they walked home.

Chapter 23Edit

Applefang was asleep with Otterstar in his den when she heard a wail from the nursery. She ran over to there with Otterstar and saw Sandheart, her mentor, giving birth to kits. Crookedfoot pushed through and started giving her herbs, but she still was losing a lot of blood.

Applefang froze in horror to see her mentor going through so much pain. Her mentors pretty pale ginger fur was covered in blood. Sandheart gave birth to three kits.

Applefang ran over to Sandheart and pressed against her. "Please don't die on me Sandheart, please don't!" she pleaded her.

Sandheart looked at her. "Please.. watch them and raise them, my time is over, please watch them!" Sandheart's head fell to the ground and the warmth of her mentors eyes fadded away.

Applefang froze in horror and looked at Otterstar, her eyes filled with consern. "What if this was me Otterstar?" she asked him, not meeting his gaze. "This could be me right now, i'm starting to think that i don't want to have kits anymore." She jumped to her paws and pushed through the nursery and ran out of camp.

Chapter 24Edit

Frost set her catch down when Stoneteller called for the clans attention. She ran over and looked up at him. "It's Frost time to be a prey-hunter. So, by the powers of the Tribe of the Endless Hunting, I make you a prey-hunter."

Frost beamed with happiness.

Chapter 25Edit

Rainface looked at Moonstorm and he returned her gaze. They walked silently to the Gathering place, Rainface glaring at Lionstar as he glared at her. Rainface broke the connection and kept walking. When she arrived there, all the other cats were there. Her group was waiting for her, Moonstorm, and Hawktalon.

She padded over to their group and greeted everyone. Then she saw a ginger tom coming over and she looked at Featherpaw. "Is that Ginger? Why is he here?" she asked.

Featherpaw looked at Rainface. "Well... he kinda came here and..." she stopped.

"And what Featherpaw?" asked Rainface.

"First off, it's Featherspots. Second off, I am expecting his kits."

Applefang nodded. "Another cat to talk to this about," meowed Applefang.

"Well... I'm not sure but I might be expecting Moonstorm's kits," Rainface said, loud enough for only the group to hear.

"Whoa!" Berrypelt said.

Moonstorm purred and pressed against Rainface.

Then the clan leader's called for their attention. The cats turned their attention to the leader's as the gathering began.

Chapter 26Edit

Featherspots looked down at the ground as Ginger pressed against her. Berrypelt gave Boarfur a glance and then gave Ginger a weird glance. Then as her leader, Whitestar, ended his presentation, the gathering was over. She and Ginger walked fastly away and then stopped at their favorite spot.

"Ginger, listen I-" she said but Ginger interupted.

"Kits! I can't believe it!" he said.

"Yea, Ginger, but you should join FeatherClan, for the safety of our kits, so they know who their father is." Featherspots looked into Ginger's amber eyes and then he nodded.

"Okay," he meowed. (XD, left before i finish)

Featherspots and Ginger padded back to the camp and all the cats glanced at Ginger. "Who is that?!" questioned Singingpelt.

"This-this is Ginger, he is my mate and i am expecting his kits," she meowed quietly to her.

"What?! You wait 'till i tell Whitestar, he will be so mad and-" she said when Featherspots interupted.

"I don't care what you do! I love Ginger, he is the only thing that i care enough about," she said.

Singingpelt started snickering but Featherspots and Ginger ignored her. They layed down in the warriors den, Featherspots curled up and Ginger wrapped around her in protection for her and her kits.

Chapter 27Edit

Boarfur kept waking up in his dream, thinking he saw Berrypelt. He sighed and went back to sleep. This time he was for sure that he saw Berrrypelt being attacked and he woke up again and couldn't go back to sleep. (short, i know, i don't care though)

Chapter 28Edit

Berrypelt kept tossing and turning in her sleep. Finally, one night, her mentor did something about this. "Berrypelt!" hissed Silverheart, "Stop tossing and turning in your sleep, it keeps me up and make the herbs go flying, now, why are you tossing and turning?"

"B-Bad dream," Berrypelt meowed, which was partly true, she just left out the part about Boarfur.

"Okay, well, sleep outside for right now," Silverheart said.

Berrypelt nodded and walked outside and drifted to sleep out there.

Chapter 29Edit

Applefang was asleep in the nursery when she woke up to loud pain in her stomache. She hissed and tried to move to see if it would go away but it wouldn't. "Help! I think I might be kitting!" she hissed out loud so someone would hear. Tallkit, the tom of the litter, heard and ran to go get Crookedfoot. He then returned with Crookedfoot and Otterstar came rushing in to help her.

It was a couple hours later and Applefang was curled around three beautiful kits minus Sandheart's. "You name the tom, i will name the she-kits," she meowed to her mate. Otterstar nodded and studied the tom hard.

"I will name this one Sandykit, she reminds me of Sandheart," she meowed. "And the other one will be Silverkit, who is named after my sister who died as an apprentice."

"The tom will be Skykit," he meowed to Applefang, "named after my father who died."

"Those are beautiful names," purred Willowheart, who had just came in to see them.

Chapter 30Edit

Frost was curled up in her nest when she felt a pelt brush against hers. She looked up and saw Volture. He curled up around her and she nestled herself against him, for once feeling peace.

Before she could drift off, however. Words formed around her as Volture started to talk.

"You know," he murmured softly. "We may be in different areas but I still like you, a lot, actually," he said quietly.

Her heart starts to melt. A few seconds of silence goes by before she replies. "I like you too," she murmured.

Volture's tongue licks her ears before he lays back down and she can hear the soft and familiar sound of him breathing. She takes a deep breath before allowing herself to fall asleep also.

Chapter 31Edit

Rainface screams as her kits start to come. Moonstorm quickly comes to her side and kneels beside her as Luckshine runs in, carrying a bundle of herbs and a stick. She gives the stick to Rainface and sets her herbs down.

"Alright, bit down on the stick only when the pain is immense because otherwise you'll break the stick," she says and her voice remains calm.

Rainface is breathing heavily. Luckshine's paw touches her stomach. She tells her to push and she does. After three heaves, she is done kitting.

She takes a deep breath and looks at her three kits curled up against her belly. Moonstorm smiles at them. "What should we name them?" he asks her, green eyes shining.

Rainface looks at the three kits. "Eclipsekit for the she-kit," she murmurs softly. "Graykit for the gray tom. Riverkit for the blue-gray tom," she murmurs.

Everything around the edge of her vision starts to blur and become dark. She rests her head down, knowing that it's best to sleep. She drifts into sleep as her kits push closer to their mother.