The woods were dark while there sat one frightened cat, and one crying cat. the crying one, a tom, was sobbing like he was in pain worse then physical, even more than emotional pain. "Mother, I'm telling you...!" The tom meowed, alram in his vioce.

"No, I can't-" the mother demanded, stam[ping her foot. But she was cut off by a yowl of pain as her son fell to the ground before her.

"Run! Mother, please run!" The tom screeched. this time the decided she should listen.

"I-I love you, son" sh emeowed, then she ran away. she dodged away into the darkness, leacving the son to lauy on the forest floor, sobbing.

He felt pain, and he closed his eyes. He turned from white, golden, and light blue, to black and dark blue. the goldne speckles on his fur moved around in small patterns, never stopping. And he opened his eyes. when his eyes had closed, they had been bright green. Now his eyues were blood red.

He stood, shook out his fur, then took off at the speed of light after the mother. He found her soon, and in a blink of his blood red eyes, he had her pinned with claws scars down her sides.

the tom flashed back to his other self for a flicker of a moment. At that time, the whtie and light blue tom meowed, "Mother, i can't- control him! Shock please don't!"

Then he was back to cold-hearted tom. then Shock, the bad tom, ran off, leaving his mother dead on the ground.

"I can't help-it! Please, kill no more shock! Kill no more!" Teh other tom yowled inside Shock's head, but Shock ignored it. He had Clans to kill.