Just leave a comment if you would like to join! You can find the approval page here. The talk page can be found here. The nomination page so you can move up a rank can be found here. And soon, we will have a tweak page! Oh, and for any questions, just ask me. So far, you can only have one image up but soon it will be up to 3 images for warriors and sr. warriors, 4 for leader and deputy, 2 for apprentices.


Leader: Rainfacestar

Deputy: None

Sr. Warriors: None

Warriors: Spottedstar42, Ivyheart

Apprentices: None

Elders (if inactive): None


Name Project Date Reserved
Rainfacestar Blackstar November 1


October 11
Ivyheart Leah, Holly November 5

Pixel BlanksEdit

Vacation ListEdit

Just write here if you will be gone for awhile.